Vintage Camper

The Gypsy Photo Wagon's first rodeo!

Hi friends!

This past weekend The Gypsy Photo Wagon was lucky enough to be at the Hamel Rodeo in Hamel, MN. We had so much fun being able to show who we are and getting to meet tons of new people! There were plenty of laughs and smiles to be had in the photo wagon! We even had a photo op with Ronald McDonald, yes Ronald McDonald! Thank you to all who helped and supported us in our first public outing with the camper. Thank you also to Alexandra Oleen Photography for taking some photos of us and the camper and the festivities! I'm so glad you came and hung out with us!

 We had an absolute blast and can't wait for our next event! Here are a few photos from our fun time at the rodeo!



Meet The Gypsy Photo Wagon!

Hey there! If you are here, I am sure you are curious to find out what we are! I first want to introduce myself. My name is Kayla Lindsley and I am a photographer in Rush City, MN. Late last year, I wanted to add something special to my business and provide something unique and fun for my clients. So I got to racking my brain and that's when the idea for The Gypsy Photo Wagon was born. Plus it's a bonus that I love to travel and I totally have a gypsy soul! The Gypsy Photo Wagon is a 1960's camper turned photo booth on wheels. It is perfect for events such as weddings, grad parties, birthday parties, corporate events, or any kind of event you would like us at! It can do it all! Now that you know a little bit about us, let me tell you our story!

I got this crazy idea back in September of 2016 to find a vintage camper and turn it into a photo booth! My husband, Justin, thought I was a bit nuts, but we searched Craigslist that night anyway for the right camper. We had no luck! Justin told me the right one will come along when we least expect it. That next week I get a picture text from my husband and it says, "how about this one?" He had taken a different way home from work than normal and he saw this little camper on the side of the road. It was the one! We went back that night and took it home for $350! I was so excited, but man was it in rough shape.... We got to work immediately! We completely gutted it and took it down to bare bones. That is when we found that most of the walls were rotten and had to be replaced. We had no knowledge on how to do any of this stuff, but luckily my Dad was willing to help us with this crazy project. He was a huge help in getting it done and would be out there with us whenever we needed it. Thanks Dad! Unfortunately, we had no garage that was tall enough to fit the camper in so we completely renovated it in our driveway!  It took us 9 hard months to finish this project and there were many days we were out in single digit, freezing cold weather. There is literal blood, sweat, and tears (and a little bit of frost bite) that went into this dream, but we would do it all over again! I am so thankful for all the support that I have received from friends and family. Even the people who would just ask me how the camper was coming along, thank you! You guys kept me going! I also am so grateful for the amazing support from my husband! He would come home from a 10 hour day and get right to work on the camper and would always keep me on track when I just felt like giving up! I also want to thank our parents and grandparents for supporting us, cheering us on and doing whatever they could to help! Thank you to all of the amazing people in my life, you know who you are! Now it is finished and it feels so unreal. I am so excited to see where this little camper will take me and what kind of adventures I will have! Thank you for reading my story and I can't wait to make people smile! Here are a few photos of our journey! Enjoy!